Semi-Private Personal Training


Personal training at a fraction of the cost of Private Training!

There really is strength in numbers and our Semi Private Personal Training proves it!  Semi Private Strength and Conditioning training takes a unique structure in which you work out in small groups (2-4 people), allowing you to maximize the benefit of your program and take full advantage of our expert training staff. Each workout is designed for your specific goals, based on what we learn about your needs and goals from your fitness consultation. This enables us to ensure the most efficient workout for you. Each semi-private training session is designed to increase your overall strength, reduce body fat, lower your chance for injuries, and boost your metabolism. This is the best fat burning workout available!


Semi Private Personal Training looks to marry the benefits of both the One-On-One Personal Training and Group Training.  So what is it?

  • Each person receives their own personalized training program. This allows each person to start where they are and progress as appropriate. 

  • Each person works their program in a small, semi private group. This group is between 2-4 people per session. This amount allows for a sense of community, accountability, and motivation while not packing the facility to make some feel claustrophobic.  

  • Each person receives the direction of a personal trainer for each training session. Each client can feel comfortable that they are going to receive the instruction they need, while not having that awkward 'Someone is watching me every second,' feeling. 

  • The group has the opportunity to interact and communicate, leading to a greater sense of camaraderie and increases in goal achievement. 

  • Learning from more than one person. The interaction between members can help each other grow and learn from a different perspective, rather than just from the instructor.