Total Fitness Solution

 T.F.S:  The comprehensive, Science-Based Approach to Physique Transformation.  

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Total Fitness Solution

Congratulations on taking that first step towards a healthier you by purchasing a health club membership. You are not alone in this decision. In fact, by 2015 over 55 million people were members of one of the 36 thousand health clubs in the United States.  Unfortunately, over 85% of health clubs members fail to reach their goals. You know the story….we start off excited, full of great intentions, but life gets in the way. We have a great idea of what we want to accomplish, but we lack a plan. Even if we do have some sort of plan, without accountability our best-laid plans go to waste and we start the cycle over again next year. That’s where we come in. We are your total fitness solution.


The Total Fitness Solution (TFS) incorporates the three main components of any fitness program. We call it the Three Pillars of Fitness. Nutrition, Strength Training, and Cardio. Whether your goals are to lose weight, get stronger, feel better, have more energy, improve overall health, compete in athletics, or anything else for that matter…the Three Pillars of Fitness will be vital to your success. With our Total Fitness Solution, we provide you with all three. Not only do we provide you with a complete roadmap to follow, work alongside you every step of the way, and make sure that you have a great time on your journey….we provide it at just a fraction of the cost of what each of these services would be individually. 

Components of our TFS

  • 2-3 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions per Week

  • Custom Nutrition Program

  • ​Unlimited Access to Metcon One​

  • Monthly Progress Updates